“The Mobaly Collection 2016” by Innocente Messy

The very talented Congolese native , Innocente Messy is a luxury brand fashion designer who is known for her specialty in womens wear ready to wear collections. Her garments are notably handmade with unique silhouettes and styles.

Mobaly Dresses

Her recent pieces, “The Mobaly Collection” features trendy pieces with unique silhouettes to oversized and exaggerated coats, crop tops , dresses, skirts , and jumpers with details like belts in weaves . The out wears are inspired by the 1960s MOD sculpture with subtle influences from West Africa.MobalyThe Mobaly Collection

This particular collection has been impressively approved by notable celebrities such as ; Angela Simmons ( who has been seen rocking the ‘Moissy Jumper’), TY Hunter ( Beyoncé’s stylist) , Melanie Fiona, etc.

Designer: Innocente Messy

Photography: John Hylton

Stylist: Cian Smith

Model: Olga and Brenda Beaux

Makeup: Helen Leonard

See the collection and feel free to tell us what you love about it, and which one(s) you would love to rock .


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