Who’s The Latex Dress Queen? Lady Gaga Vs. Beyonce Met Gala 2016

Who is the latex dress queen? Lady Gaga or Beyoncé? They are both singers and musicians known for outlandish styles and they have both been seen channeling the Victorian style recently. Lady Gaga wore a Kudo red leather and latex dress for her performance at the 2009 Royal variety performance, in which she met Queen Elizabeth in the same latex dress.

Queen Beyoncé also just made a style statement at the Met Gala 2016 with the same Victorian style wearing a nude latex dress by Givenchy making her one of the best dressed at the charity fund-raising event. She also wore the Victorian style latex bodysuit during her formation music performance.

Latex Queens Lady Gaga Vs Beyonce

Victorian Style Latex Dress Lady Gaga Vs. Beyonce

So who would you crown the latex queen? and Is this a style trend building with the stars? Is this style trendy or trashy? You be the judge and leave us your opinion.


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