Top 5 Bohemian Accessories For the Bohemian Look By Prince Nelson Rogers

Prince Nelson Rogers was very clear on his style personality. He was into the Bohemian look and he mastered it to the T. We’ve rounded up seven top accessories you need to incorporate the boho look in your wardrobe should you decide to step into Prince’s world of style.

It seems like a normal fashion piece to have in your wardrobe but not everybody can pull off braces. I mean people no longer wear their trousers so high unless you are Simon Cowel of the X factor judge, even he has improved in his style department. But you can be different and make a fashion statement in them, just take a look at Prince for inspiration.
Prince Nelson Rogers in Braces

Prince wore his sunglasses everywear, inside and outside, on the stage or to an event. He was very much into the Aviator sunglasses style. This style does not necessarily suit every face shape so be sure it suits your face shape before you but it.
Prince in Aviator sunglasses
Prince Nelson Rogers in Aviator Sunglasses


Boy George once made a comment on The Voice television show that he slept with Prince, he later retrieved the statement saying, he meant sleep with his music day and night. His hats reminds us of Prince who has a whole collection of them. Did Boy George get his hat inspiration from Prince? We’ll soon find out, check it out in Trendy or Trashy category.
Prince in hats

Prince Roger Nelson in hats


Ok. Neckerchief for men has got to inspire or motivate you to get into the boho look. I mean, he just looked so different and distinguished in them and they are very trendy for the spring summer season, so invest in one or two and share with us how you wore the fashion piece.
Prince in neckerchief

Statement Necklaces

Your boho style may not be complete without bold statement, long dangling or piled up necklaces. That’s the whole of idea of being Bohemian, you think different and you look different than anybody else despite your gender. So invest in some really nice necklaces.
Prince Nelson Rogers in Statement necklaces
Prince in long necklaces

Which one of these accessories would you invest in for your wardrobe update?


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