The Iconic Fashion Emblem : Prince Nelson Rogers

Prince Nelson Rogers : The alluring musician with weird aesthetics, big heart and big talent is a non-conformist music artist and style icon . His into-the-eye and eclectic taste in fashion ranged from lace, ruffles,sequins,leathers, bondage inspired lingeries ,catsuits, and high heels which he firstly glued and identified his style with. Prince as he is popularly called remained fearless both in his choice of song lyrics which provoked great sex appeal and his on-stage costumes which lingered between subtle feminity and masculinity sometimes featured bottom-baring jumpsuits , bikini bottoms and trench coats , pastel suits , laser-cuts , bold colors ( especially his favourite color -purple , which is royalty ), etc .

He championed and rocked several trends which are presently coming back to limelight , such trends as; bell sleeves, polka dots , fringe, bell bottoms , etc. No matter how bold and eccentric his styles were , Prince wore them fearlessly and with such confidence . He mastered and executed successfully in his own unique way the art of layering different styles and assuming different characters . The icon though diminutive, being just 5feet and 2inches, never went unnoticed in a crowd ( after all , that’s what style does for you ) because of his showmanship and love affair with fashion .
Prince in fringe poncho, fringe jacket, fringe gloves and fringe necklace

Prince Nelson Rogers in Color Blocking

Prince color blocking
The iconic musician and fearless fashion icon seemed something like a mystical and magical creature , whether he is wearing all round polka dots or ruffles or tunics or other exaggerated outfits paired most importantly with his signature heels , he was daring, unconventional, and above all free spirited.

Prince Nelson Rogers in Polkadots

Prince in polkadotsPrince Nelson Rogers in Ruffled shirts and Blouses
Prince Nelson Rogers in ruffled blousePrince Nelson Rogers in heels
Prince Nelson Rogers in heels

Which of his fashion style would you be wearing this spring? Leave a comment, would love to hear from you.


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