Beyonce, Rita Ora, Kylie Jenner are Making Style Statements in Gucci SS16 Signature Printed Silk Ensemble, What’s your #Style Statement?

Gucci SS16 signature printed silk shirt and pleated skirt are trending with approvals from Beyonce who wore the ensemble with black ankle boots in her formation music video. #Sheslays. Rita Ora also made a style statement wearing the same outfit but pairing it with white trainers, possibly Adidas brand sparking rumors of being #Beckywiththegoodhair .

Gucci SS16 Print Dress Rita Ora Vs Beyonce

Kylie Jenner is also not far behind in her style statement wearing the printed shirt for Wonderland Magazine‘s ‘Fame Issue’. Eudoxie Bridges paired up in the pleated skirt with a grey t-shirt and Christian Louboutin pumps for the Feliosiby shoot in Miami.
Kylie Jenner Vs. Eudoxie Bridges in Gucci SS16

Inspired by a 70s House print, the #Gucci patterned skirt & blouse from the #GucciSS16 is also in the latest issue of @wmag.
What's your style goal Gucci ss16 print silk shirt and skirt Inspired by the 70's style by @wmag

Every single one of them are making a statement. What’s your style statement?


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