Let the Fans Be The Judge: Rita Ora Vs Beyonce Formation Gucci Print Dress

There’s only one way to settle this, go head to head in the same dress by the same designer and let the fans be the judge. You will normally see this kind of ensemble on much older women but both singers of different body shapes have worn it their ways. Rita wore hers with sturdy trainers on a day out while Beyonce immortalized her ensemble with black ankle boots in her music video. Beyonce wears her blouse all buttoned up while Rita Ora wears her blouse half unbuttoned revealing her necklace with letter J.

Bill-Gates-Beyonce-FormationGucci SS16 Print Dress: Rita Ora Vs. Beyonce FormationRita Ora might have just made a point by wearing the same Gucci print dress as Beyonce, or she might have just raised the anti between her and her former boss’s wife. We can either believe she’s Becky with the good hair in Beyonce’s newly released video or she’s just throwing caution in the wind with the speculations. Whichever fashion or style statement both singers were making, that Gucci dress has just made headlines.

Gucci SS16 Print Dress Rita Ora Vs Beyonce

So what are your thoughts about the Gucci dress. Which of the styles is trendy and which one is trashy? Leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you.


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