5 Prince Nelson Rogers Bohemian Chic Style Trend

We hate to say goodbye but death has taken the music legend and style trendsetter Prince Nelson Rogers in such a short time from the earth. Prince may have lived for 57years only but his legacies live on. At “5’2” inches tall, Prince is such a fashion icon who was clear about his personal style and as petite as he was, he dazzled the world with his fashion statements. Here are 5 of his bohemian chic style trend to covet.

Crop Top Jackets

Prince Nelson Rogers in crop top jackets

Bohemian overall style

Prince Nelson Rogers Bohemian look Prince in White Bohemian overalls


Prince in fringe

See Through Lace
Prince in lace

Double breasted blazer suits
Prince Nelson Rogers in suits
Prince Nelson Rogers in suits

Do you like the boho look on Prince? Is it right for men? Which one of Prince’s bohemian look takes your fancy? Jennifer Lopez might have copied one of Prince’s look when she wore a see through white lace jumpsuit, check out the style in category Trendy or Trashy. Leave your comments, would love to hear your thoughts.


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