3 Fun Ways Teenagers Can Wear Culottes Like Zendaya Coleman

Teenagers seems to have the most fun when it comes to style and trends. Zendaya Coleman makes the serious statement with her fun style whenever she steps out. Though her body shape is not fully developed, she is saying she can wear almost anything and it’ll sit perfectly well on her body. She’s also saying to her teenage mates, it’s ok to experiment with style and get the best of the seasonal trends.

Once you know your body shape, you can be comfortable in your own skin, flaunt a well toned abs, look trendy and have loads of fun. Zendaya’s style is great for a night out with a bunch of girls during the summer.
Here are her top three ways to wear this daring trend.

3 Times Zendaya Coleman wore culottes

Here she’s pretending to wear a 3 piece suit with the crop top underneath as opposed to a full shirt, blouse or a camisole

This outfit exudes innocence, with the natural make up look, white on white ensemble and again, the crop top. She screamed I’m a teenager, deal with it

There’s nothing like a hide and seek game. She definitely incorporated the game in this ensemble. Baggy culottes to hide a slim body and give the hips a bit of shape and a tiny matching crop top cleverly designed to distract from the chest. This teenager speaks I know my style.

What are your thoughts? Should she have covered it all up or are these ensembles perfect for her silhouette? Leave a comment, feedback. We would love to hear from you.


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