Agbani Darego Is Effortlessly Stylish In Lisa Folawiyo’s Design at Giorgio Armani’s Store Launch.

What happens when two world class meet? They create an international campaign. World class designer Giorgio Armani launched his store in South Africa and former Miss World Agbani Darego graced the occasion in a custom made design by Lisa Folawiyo. The 33 year old ex beauty queen turned designer looked effortlessly stylish and ready for spring trends 2016 in her bell sleeves pant suit proving that bell sleeves is a must for your wardrobe this summer.
Agbani Darego in Lisa Folawiyo at Giorgio Armani's store launch in South Africa

Though she has the world as her oyster and top designers of the world are at her disposal, she chose to stay true to her identity by promoting a local fashion label on an international scene. Making her country proud and setting an example for other stars shows she’s not only beautiful and classy on the outside, she is also beautiful on the inside. We salute you Agbani Darego. We love your style and your true nature, not many stars promote their countries with the platforms they have like you do.

Agbani Darego in Lisa Folawiyo’s designs
Agbani Darego in Lisa Folawiyo

What do you think about her choice of outfit?

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