The South African Fashion Week 2016 – Lunar Spring Summer 2016

Lunar is a leader of natural fashion in South Africa. The brand use pure fabrics and silhouettes inspired by beautiful landscapes in the country. The Lunar collection carries the legacy of the brand , which is ; natural aesthetics. The color palette of the entire collection went from natural hues to shades of black , and then to earthy tones . The collection includes feminine laid back styles in flowing , playful , fanciful and soft fabrics which came in silks, chiffon and jacquards. “We love the look, feel and character of linen, hemp, silk, bamboo, organic cottons, wool – they allow us to create designs that are luxurious and simple. We work with fine fabrics and design that have the least harmful impact on the planet”. ‘
SAFW2016_Lunar Lunar_in_black_original Lunar_shoestring_maxi_dress_original Skin_tone_palette_original Fairy_White_Lunar_original

Each collection indeed reflects the brand’s essential design philosophy of bringing nature to life in designer wear’ says director Paul Harris. Dominique Gatlandas seamlessly extends the brand’s philosophy through her fresh design approach. She creates exceptionally strong, clean-lined and very wearable clothing, with a wonderful couture twist. Lunar aspires to expand in the global market and reach a larger audience with its message of sustainability, creativity, and clothing that is classical, wearable and inspire those it touches. Naturally.

For orders, visit: Lunar
Buyers Contact:
Retail: 44 Stanley Ave, Johannesburg
Contact: +27 11 726 5558


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