The Natural Hair Trend

Wearing the natural hair has recently become a thing, despite the fact that the 70s, 80s and 90s were filled with the natural hair in styles like ‘Afros’ and ‘Jheri Curls ,’ the #naturalhairgang , #teamnaturalhair trend has suddenly become the new best thing in respect to beauty and fashion trends alike . Ladies now refer to cutting their hair short as “the big chop.”

Well, I see why it is called “the big chop.” Here’s the thing , in the 80s and 90s , it was a regular and basic hairstyle for everyone ( African and African Americans) , it was not a big deal or news that a lady cut her hair short, as a matter of fact what was considered alien or ‘different’ was wearing wigs or fixing what was called the ‘artificial’ hair .’ But just like change is constant, wearing a a faux weave/hair or having you hair relaxed, blown out, sleek and long has become the modern day status quo such that cutting ones hair short and wearing it natural from scratch becomes a big deal which requires high confidence. For some people who have embraced it, deciding to do the “big chop” is a trend or fashion statement, while for others , it is a form of movement.

Unlike what so many people may think, the natural hair style is actually interesting and versatile to style . It is not restrictive in any form , unless it’s still in its very short stage. The natural hair in all its glory ( curls nd all ) has become a big deal such that there is now a high rise in hair care products. The Huffington post recently reported that between the shift, the market for relaxers has continued to fall for several years now. Sales of hair care products for African Americans reached $774 million in 2014, representing a 12 percent increase since 2009, according to Mintel. Meanwhile, sales of relaxers, which represent about 18 percent of the market value, were worth $131.8 million in 2014, a drop of 34 percent since 2009.

The natural hair can fit into any sphere of life including the corporate world, it all depends on how you it to conform with the environment or event. And by ‘style’ we mean outfits, accessories and makeup. For the corporate wold, while embracing your natural hair, it is advisable to keep it neat , formal , and business like. Hair tints or wearing messy hair , wet hair , big and fluffy hair , etc may be allowed in the entertainment world , but they are prohibited in corporate offices . The key is to keep your natural hair neat, classy and graceful.
P.S: No matter the hairstyle, make sure it fits the environment and occasion .

Below are some celebrities wearing the natural hair trend :



Below are pictures of other happy and confident ladies rocking their natural hair :




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