Which Iconic Celebrity Eyebrows Are You Rocking?

Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Solange Knowles

Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Solange Knowles

Celebrity eyebrows have become beauty trends. Recently Cara Delevingne and Solange Knowles have made bushy brows their a coveted fashion statement. To my trained stylist eye, bushy untamed and untrimmed eyebrows just does not add up to perfectly styled and well grooming. I thought these are fashion icons committing fashion crimes. Your eyebrows are part of who you are, they express your unique identity. That is one of the ways of saying you are different from everybody else. But these ladies are not willing to alter their personal style for the sake of fashion and for this, I ‘throway’ salute.


Solange Knowles, Cara Delevingne

Fashion is definitely fickle and can be expressed in whatever way it is deemed fit. But these icons who many people look up to in the style department are willing to risk everything to stay true to themselves. So I closed my eyes to the seemingly fashion faux par and accepted their brows as part of their identity. I thought, maybe that’s their style as I continued to see the consistency in their style without a change in their eyebrows. Little did I know that their seemingly new beauty revolution is nothing new under the sun.


Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Solange Knowles, Sophia Loren

Recently, I went through old archives and I came about other celebrities, both old and new, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Keira Knightley, Grace Jones, Audrey Hepburn and many more icons of the past who chose to stay true to who they are and rocked their eyebrows as they deemed fit. These beauties put a stamp of their personality on their outer appearance. Who says style has to be one perfect way? What really matters is the expression of your personality.

br_original (1)

Solange Knowles, Laryn Hill, Iman

With these iconic beauties, let’s just say the millennial beauties and fashion icons have nothing on these legends in the eyebrows department. Here I have rounded up seven iconic eyebrows of the legends of all time. It just push to show that style has nothing to do with fashion, every part of your body can used to express your personality.


Sophia Loren, Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn


Madonna, Sofia Vergara, Keira Knightley, Ashley Olsen


Michelle Obama, Meagan Good, Tyra Banks, Grace Jones

Can you match these eyebrows? Would you like to share your iconic eyebrows with us? Please email contact@mysilhouettestyle.com


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