What the Lives of Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston Taught Me to Build with My Daughter Before I Die

Sadly Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston’s daughter passed away six months after going into a coma. Though the 22 years old death is tragic, it is clear that she was loved by her family, fans and celebrities worldwide. One thing stood out for me as I read through the news and scoured the internet for stories, her family photos online tell more stories than spoken words. If Bobbi and Whitney Houston were both alive, their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts would share life lessons without having to say a word.

As the world mourn their tragic deaths, their lives may be remembered for tragic deaths or Whitney’s musical career only but also, the memories of the loving and caring mother who showered her daughter with much love before the whole world, though this simple act of love portrayed in front of the camera was lived out in the public, Whitney Houston has ingrained in my memory life lessons I must live out with my daughter(s) or possibly son(s) before I kick the bucket. I hope you will see through these lessons and adopt them as key principles of parenting you might need to establish a long lasting memory with your children.

Here are five things to do with your daughter(s) before you kick the bucket.
1) Make sure you and your daughter have a three generational photo taken. A photo of you, your daughter and your mum are treasures for life. You may not appreciate it much but your daughter will cherish and be proud of this memory you have created for her till eternity.


2) Teach your daughter your trade. Your career is part of your identity, be it singing, acting, accountancy, law, medicine or whatever career path you have chosen, let in your daughter on the trade. It will give her a sense of identity, build up her confidence early on in life, give her a sense of direction and she may be the one to carry on your legacy once you kick the bucket.

3) Share the spotlight with your daughter. If you have been fortunate enough in your career so much so that you have the spotlight, share it with your daughter, it does wonders for her self esteem. It’ll also give her something to hold on to in difficult time. It’ll remind her that if you can make it to the top, so can she.



4) Spend time with your daughter. Have a ‘Me Time’ with her. This is the time you get to do anything she wants to do with you, together. It creates a bond between you both, it builds her trust in you and it seals your love and care in her heart.

5) Show the world you love her right from her infant. Let her know her identity (whose daughter she is, whom she belongs to, what blood flows through her veins) by taking her to functions and occasions, allowing her to meet your learned colleagues and friends whom she can look up to positively and learn from.family_functions_original

6) Attend family functions together. It’ll help her get a sense of community.ff_original

7) Ultimately, have a united front with your spouse. United we stand, divided we fall. When your daughter sees and senses love and unity between you and your spouse, it stabilizes your daughter’s mentality and sense of security, and she will have more respect for you both.


Though Bobbi’s Instagram bio read “Last of a dying breed.Wife. Loyalty, respect, honor. Daughter of a Goddess,” her life’s story lives on in the heart of men. Rest in Peace Bobbi Kristina Brown.
Bobbi-Kristina-Brown (2)

Are there any other life’s lessons you think could be learnt from both lives? Do share through the comments below, we love to hear from you.


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