Which Carrie Bradshaw Style Personality are you?

Sex in the city has revolutionized fashion. Everybody envies Carrie Bradshaw walk in wardrobe and women wants her fully loaded designer clothes and accessories. As much as we all want to dress up like any of the casts in the sitcom, we must look at her style personality and see which one of these personalities fits our style personality, otherwise we will commit a fashion crime. So which one of the Carrie Bradshaw style personality are you?

13 going on 30 Style Personality: You are possibly in transitioning with this style. You are still not so sure whether to ditch your favourite fashion accessories, t-shirts and jackets yet. To you there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching grown up clothes with teenage clothes. You find it exciting and different but the world will fail to see it for the fun you see it as. The world wants you to grow up as it evolves. The society wants you to embrace your new found freedom and dress accordingly. This is the time to ditch the past and embrace the present and what is to come. You have got to get rid of wearing the thigh high, high school socks and barely there tops exposing your mid-riff. Unless you are dressed up for a costume party, your friends might not find it comfortable sitting next to you in those gears. This is the time to dress your age.


Classy style personality: You love all things clean and clear. High fashion is your taste. You like your style to show confidence and money power. To you less is more and simplicity is best shown in rich fabrics. You might like pinstripes and expensive styles. Rich bold colours and expensive looking fabrics are your favourites. You are classy and sassy and people are automatically attracted to you. Fellow women will admire you from afar while most sensible men in the radar will want to swoop you off your feet. Be careful of using your style to overwhelm or overpower others around you.


Eclectic Style Personality: You are the attention seeker. Plain clothes cannot get you the attention you need, they are just too boring for you. You love to mix colours in a weird way. It works for you. It works for your personality and people love you for it. It makes you different, it personality makes you stand out. Ecclectic is your fashion statement saying that you are different from everybody else. It doesn’t matter what anybody say, you are who you are and you will not bow down for anybody.

Dramatic Style Personality: You love structured clothes and not afraid of attention. You love drama. You have to stand out. You have to make a huge statement to the world that you know your stuff. Even your wedding dress screams drama.

Plain Jane Style Personality: Beautiful bold and smart Carrie Bradshaw is well known to be a complex character but these styles below shows her plain Jane side. No matter how wild and complex you are, there’s a plain simple side of you. Hardly ever seen in a pair of jeans, her plain jane side could not let go to just be plain, her black bra had to show through her white top and crocheted lovely jumper.
pj_original (1)


What style personality are you? Can’t decide which category you fall under? Contact us for more info.
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