Top 3 Lessons The Devil Wears Prada Anne Hathaway Taught Graduates


Andrea Sachs, acted by Anne Hathaway finally graduated with honors and with the hope to become a journalist. She had been looking for a job and she finally got an interview with the editor in chief of the Runway Magazine. She is smart, talented, friendly, a quick learner who did not take herself too seriously and clearly wears her brain on her sleeves. Yes, the role was not for journalism but as a Personal Assistant to a very important person in the company and in the fashion world yet she made a major mistake the moment she walked into her interview, it almost cost her the role she applied for but fate smiled on her and for some reasons she got the job. A few weeks into a job she did not dream of but many young women would kill for, her employment was threatened. She moaned about her boss, Miranda Priestly acted by Meryl Streep, being cruel to her and the office bullies, Emily played by  being mean to her. In fact she was ready to quit until she woke up to the reality. What happened next changed this young graduate’s life forever.

Here are top 3 lessons to learn from Andrea Sachs which landed her a quick promotion in the workplace.

1) Dress to Conform
You only have ten seconds to make the first impression at interviews and 20% is assigned to your appearance alone on your interview scores. Andrea Sachs tried her best and turned up in her best smart casual interview outfit. Little did she know that a first glance at her appearance would have lost her the interview and it did but for fate that changed her life.   The best way to impress potential employers is to dress for your interview as if you already work in the organisation in compliance to their standard dress code.

Some sectors have the standard blue, brown and black colours and in some workplace, dress code is smart casual, casual or simply smart. The office is a battle ground for acceptance and recognition. Everybody wants to get their foot in the workplace but they are not ready to shift their mentality. Next time you have an interview you are dreading, call up the Human Resource management of the organisation and ask for their standard dress code or if unsure, CONTACT MYSS to help you get hired.

2) Dress to Impress
Andy Sachs would not conform to her work culture and ethics initially because she felt her image had nothing to do with her work but she soon learned quickly that image matters and to rise up above everybody else. You will have between three to six months probationary period depending on your company’s policy for new employees to settle in your new workplace. This is the period real work begins and it is the least period to relax on your appearance. In fact, this is your chance to shine and prove that you are really worth the trial. You will go through a rigorous training and development to help you understand the organisational structure, policies and practices.


As your mental work will begin so does your physical appearance must be up to date, because everything you do and the way you present yourself will be scrutinized by the big boss, the office bullies, office gossip and most importantly the Human Resource Management. You cannot afford to let down your employer, you must dress to conform to the organisational standards but you must also dress to impress in order to stand out during this period. To make it in the workplace and to be accepted in the office circle, you must keep your eyes on the trophy – your three months performance review and dress to impress. Contact MYSS for help in this area.

3) Dress for Success
This is where you step up your game. modify and update your wardrobe. Become the game changer. Nobody wants to befriend somebody who goes around the office looking dowdy and the only way to shut up office bullies is to beat them at their own game. Change your image, dress for success. Nothing could keep Andrea Sachs down, she shut Emily up the moment she updated her look. She attracted Miranda’s attention for more responsibilities that eventually led to her promotion. Her new image earned her some respect and new opportunities within her workplace network and apart from using her brains, she played up with her femininity in choosing the right clothes for the right events and this catapulted her to the top of her career quicker than she’d expected.


So, how do you transform a stressed, discouraged, disorganized, job hunter, into a well groomed, calm & collected, stylish individual? How do new graduates ace the personal appearance scoring test? How do you fit into the work environment and stop the office bullies ready to strike out your mistakes at any minute? How can you appear confident and intelligent, and at the same time do a fantastic job in your role?

MYSS help graduates prepare for the first interviews and will work alongside you to develop a personal style needed to conform with the organisational ethos and culture. We work with professionals to determine the best clothing styles and flattering colors suited to your body shape and skin tone necessary for corporate image success. We work alongside public speakers and preachers in preparing for public appearances and award shows. We work with new mums and individuals update, recycle, detox and organize wardrobe outfits necessary to project the right image and express your true self. CONTACT us today for any of our services.

Be inspired by Andrea Sachs work outfits suited to Anne Hathaway’s silhouette, skin tone and personality. Click HERE for more of Andrea Sachs style. Any thoughts on the article? drop me a line below.



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