Fashion in Politics: Dress For Success with Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Power Dressing

TTH09_20THATCHER2_402436bCan fashion and politics mix? just as people cannot see faith mixing with politics, people can hardly see fashion mixing with state issues yet one formidable woman surpassed it all. Baroness Margaret Thatcher could teach the British fashion, the working and or middle class citizens, including women in power a thing or two about dressing for success in the work place. The truth is, the way you dress, the way you express yourself, the way you pass across your messages represents a key part of you, if not your whole identity. Your image in the work place must be professional with no hair out-of-place, your voice must carry certain tone that commands attention from your audience, by all means wear colours but it must not distract from the message you are trying to pass across and do show a bit of feminism in a man’s world.. baroness Thatcher, Britain’s most formidable first female Prime Minister  might have been dubbed ‘The Iron Lady’, a nickname which helped identified her as a strong and determined woman with a very strong sense of principles and opinion on how Britain should function; but she was also a woman with a mission who expressed her ‘social conservatism’ messages not only vocally but also through her choice of clothes.



Wonder woman Thatcher did not ditch the fashion industry as a woman, rather she expressed her opinion to the British fashion on how a woman in power should dress. Her mindset on fashion in politics shone through her ‘power dressing’ suits, bold colours, pussybow blouses, pearls and solid handbags,n She did not stop there as it was important that she conformed to the new world of men in politics, so she underwent a total image makeover. With a strong sense of identity, she went through a voice change from a high-pitched voice to a more deep commanding tone, her hair changed to a steady short curls, her wardrobe updated to a more business like suits with a touch of feminism, her choice of colours and style depicted power as much as she expressly took charge of ruling the nation. Mrs Thatcher showed the British fashion how to dress conservatively when in power. it must convey a certain colour and must speak a certain language.



Taking up a new role or starting a new job can be quite daunting but you need not to worry as you can take a style hint from a successful style politician straight from here. Her style guide is a guide to feminism on a memory lane back to the 40’s and 50’s which is now trending. Just remember to update your wardrobe with a beautifully cut, slim skirt suit, adorned with one lapel brooches, have a composed and strikingly immaculate look, your hair set in a way that takes years off you and be ready to do exactly what you’ve been hired to do.

mt_dress_original mt_original mt_shades_original mt_waves_original

Are you a Margaret Thatcher fan? What did you like most about her fashion sense? would love to hear from you.


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