The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Oscars 2015 Dresses

The 87th Academy award ceremony, the Oscars 2015 was quite moving this year. Men showed their emotions and cried on the screen. John Legend and Common performed a sol touching song ‘Glory’ and Lady Gaga performed one of the world’s best loved song, the sound of music. It was all very moving so much so we had to do this piece on some of these fabulous dresses. We can only hope they will move you as much as they did to us.

The Good – We call this The Bustier or half an dhalf. The main purpose of these dresses is to balance up the body shape.

Bustiers_original (1) - Copy


The Athletic Silhouette – Slender tone, firm arms and perfect abs to show off the whole body. The wearer shines with a quiet confidence no matter what the color of the outfit is, they rely on their body shape to pull through.


The Drapes – Cleverly draped around the waist in order to show the silhouette perfectly well. Octavia Spencer and Oprah Winfrey pulled off the looks so well. For a voluptuous curvy women, go for soft fabrics and drapes around your waist.


The Collarbone Chic – The dresses are all about the collarbone. Your best asset is your morning glory, cherish it.


Black and White Sister Act – Retro timeless look great on these sisters. Very clever and comfortable attire for the Oscars.


The Pluge Line – Somebody, please tell me, it’s the Millnium, why are we still in plungeline as in the 60’s? Is it time to put away the plungelines and explore other options?


Sweetheart Necklines – You can be sure one or two more people will be in the same style when you choose the sweetheart neckline. It never goes out of style.


The Bad – These dresses are not exactly bad, it’s just that I expect a lot more from these ones.


Showstopers_original (1)

The Ugly – Something must have gone horribly wrong with the main outfit for the night. Otherwise how do you explain or justify the saggy neckline, the duffy devut dress and the h ho somebody remembered Lady GAGA’S meat dress.

bad_original - Copy


And the Jury’s out. Which one of these are your favorites?


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