Was your Valentine’s day worth it ?


Why did I dread the Valentine’s day so much? The day never had this kind of impact on me in the past, so why was this one different? I would gladly spend the day alone or with girl friends a couple of years ago than spend it with any past cheating boyfriends who pretended to be in love with me. Yet as the day approached I saw myself slowly grew anxious of the day; did my trepidation have anything to do with the pact I made with my friend on Valentine’s day last year? or did it have anything to do with my mindset on life at the moment? My friend and I both doled up for Valentine’s day last year as we headed to the West End, we decided to go out and celebrate the day with strangers who had no idea who we were, yet we found ourselves dancing alone in the corner of a bar, were  not meant to step up and mingle with strangers at the bar? yet something kept us away from all preying eyes. That day, we, my girlfriend and I made a plan; come 2015, we would not spend Valentine’s day together alone but we would organize the day and spend it with a bunch of friends provided we were not dating anybody by February 2015.

So as Valentine’s day drew closer this year, with no man in sight and plenty of thoughts on my mind, I asked my friend; what are you up to on Valentine’s day? Her response was silence. I wondered why she didn’t respond until she mentioned the cute guy who attended my birthday in January. How’s that guy at your party? what guy I asked, I completely forgot about this male friend who was a guest at my birthday celebration. That guy who had good things to say about you on the day, she responded. Which guy are you talking about? I had a few male friends around on the day. The guy who went about telling people the things you do and your explorations. Oh, that guy? he’s alright, did he really have anything good to say about me? Yes. Everything he said about you was good. Hmnn…I thought he was just been civilized. So are you guys not dating? No we are not. You are really not dating? No we are not. Then she went silent again. Well she did not answer my question after all and until the valentine’s day was about to end, I kept asking her, what are you up to today? I gave up asking her what to do by the evening time seeing that we made no arrangements as to our plans from last year and I had so many other things to sort out before the new week starts.

My trepidation flew out of the window the moment I woke up with a determination to make the Valentines day count, nothing would get me down. I decided to love me and do the things that would uplift my spirit. To make my Valentines day worth it, I needed to rise from disappointments from any quarter and get me some love. Though I woke up to see thirty-eight messages waiting for me on my phone, most of which were answers to my friends the earlier days and they had nothing to do with Valentines day, but it gave me hope that I am still loved from all despite past disappointments. And though love sharing did not suffice from already made plans with my friends( and with other friends too), I realized that you can experience love from unexpected quarters, if not from what your heart desires. What really matters is that you get to experience love on valentine’s day in any way possible. So, reflecting on how the valentine’s day went, I realized that the anxiety I felt was possibly to do with a state of my mind and if I had known that love could be acquired or experienced from unexpected quarters, I would have laid my mind to rest before the day. Somehow I had the courage to make the day count for me. I chose to see things differently and to live life independent of the commercialization of the Valentine’s day, I did five things to experience love from unexpected quarters and they made my Valentine’s day worth it.

  • I washed my hair with the most scented shampoo that automatically boosts my mood. Elasta QP shampoo is well scented and gentle on my hair.rotationeqp
  • I sang uplifting songs that were already stored on my mind. lift-me-up

Muyiwa Riversongz Music did it for me.

  • I went out-of-the-way to cook the most sumptuous tasty traditional Nigerian meal that I have not tasted in over a decade. Cocoyam also known as Taro is packed with nutritional benefits. To read more on this special food, click on this link. Amazing Health Benefits of Taro
  • taro-varieties
  • I went in search of laughter from my family, and oh boy I laughed until tears rolled down my eyes andsmore_card_fun
  • I did the things I love doing most – Update my blog for my fans (Thank you for your support always everybody)6cc8477af1b14dc36e5f5594aed3aecb

So from me to you, If you are not dating, it’s not the end of the world. You can find love and love can find you in unexpected places. How did you spend your valentines day? Would love to hear from you. Kindly send your story to silhouettelondon@hotmail.co.uk


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