7 Wardrobe Goals to Consider

Highly successful people will agree that success does not just drop on your laps, you work hard for it. It takes an effort before you are recognized for something great. Success requires a lot of effort. You have to set a goal, plan on how to achieve the goal(Strategize) and work long hard hours to carry out the goal(Execute). Anything worth planning for is worth been a success.

So January has gone so fast and we could hardly breathe. Where did it go so fast and so quick? What have we achieved so far in our image outlook? This year is going so fast that before we blink, we will wonder, what have we done with our lives?

So to achieve a stylish you this year, you must put in the effort. It takes an effort to look stylish. Have you set your wardrobe goals for the year? how far have you gone to executing those goals? For those who are yet to set any goals, we thought to share these five wardrobe goals to consider. Happy New Month!

  • New Year, New start, New look! It’s time to upgrade my look. Create a positive new image to make a bold statement. Contact my image consultant for the New Year wardrobe makeover. (Get 10% off for your New Year wardrobe Makeover when you engage MYSS services).

MYSS logo 3 version a

  • Take stock and get organised with my wardrobe. Everything may seem uncoördinated at the moment, MYSS can help you with your wardrobe management, contact us now.


  • Change my sets of underwear. You should change your underwear at least every six months but if for whatever reasons you are still wearing the old sets, it’s time to change them. Marks and Spencer manufactures really good long-lasting quality underwear, Victoria’s secret is now in the UK for the most daring you and January sale is still on, Grab some new ones now. Check out bra etiquettes if you are still not ready to part with the old sets.


  • Visit those clothes tucked right at the end of the wardrobe. You bought them with your hard-earned money, why are you hoarding them? Wear them, Life is too short.
  • Inject new seasonal colours into my wardrobe. Pantone new colour of the year might be your best bet to start from, it’s quite engaging with the eyes.


  • Get some classy hangers for my coats. It’s time to be responsible with your clothes, do not use the regular hangers for your coats and do not use coat hangers for your regular clothes as these cause the clothes to lose shape, get a proper coat hanger.
  • logoWhat are your New Year wardrobe goals and how far have you gone with achieving them, we’d love to hear from you. leave a comment below this post.

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