Style Icons of the Twentieth Century

Since the mankind has acquired a maturity and wisdom, it had tried to improve itself. It had tried to excel and advance in every walk of life, fashion or style is the most prominent among them. It’s true to say that every person around us wanted to look great, and they do so by getting the fashion of their choice. Styles or fashion sense is directly related to our environment or our era. Currently we are living in 21st century. But the style we use and the clothes we wear are totally different from our ancestors. The very first humans used to roll leaves around them, by time passing by they made silk and used it as their clothes, but you can say that the real fashion sense that came in to minds of people were said to be in 17th century A.D. Few countries are most prominent in promoting fashion industry and making their style icons famous worldwide.

The most prominent country on top of this list is France, and one city is necessary mention in France that is named as Paris. Bertin’ meticulous designs are said to be the best designs of the seventieth century and from this person the rise of French fashion just started “Charles Fredrick” is also a well known name of 18th century who also belongs to Paris. By the end on 19th century a lot modification in outfits take place specially the outfits of women that worth to mention here are the outfits of “Belle Epoque” who’s known to be the fashionable lady of the Era. In 1920’s the first after World War I, the war made his impact on fashion too. Due to war different fashion exchanged between the countries and battles took place in different areas so people intermix with each other and different trending costumes were made for example many countries adopted the new “androgynous” style and this style was on its peak in 1925.
During 1930’s fashion become more realistic and many developments were made and woman fashion moved more towards feminism, and more romantic styles were made, similarly for men “sports-wear” and trousers came into existence. Two names that worth to mention in here are of “Elsa Schiaparelli” and “Madeleine Vionnet” who showed their collection in 1929, most of the collection of Elsa was knitted in black. During World War II and the era of 1940’s many fashion houses close but few more came into existence one of them was prominent in the American state named “Newyork” and the main promoter or developer of it was “Vichy Regime”.
In the period of late 50’s different on fashions repeated themselves but three Paisian countries have a prominent name in the fashion industry of late 50’s, and different uniform trends were also introduced in that period of time. As mentioned above until 1960 the center of attraction of fashion was considered to be Paris but this trend changed and the new way for fashion is to America, they introduced skirts and different dresses. During 1970’s few of the prominent names “Dianna Ross”, “James Brown” and “Angela Davis” played their vital role not just clothing but different hair styling too. In 1980’s one new trend that was introduced was ‘the spectacles’ and it was introduced by a French designer “Azzedine” and it was highly appreciated. In the end of 20th century the trends changed to romantic and narrow clothes that gives more glamorous view of a woman’s body and its mostly liked by the whole of universe and Brtishers.
Woman in Blue Retro Polka Dot Dress. Pin Up Style


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