New Year Bra Etiquette Checklist

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.09.35 AM Madonna donned the infamous cone bra during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, the cone bra epitomized his provocative aesthetic, giving him his “enfant terrible” reputation. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry wore cone bras in their videos, Howard Hughes and Rebecca Dana turned bras to impractical jokes. Victoria’s secret launched the most lavish event where they promote and highlight elaborate lingerie creations with complementing set designs and musical performances. But put aside all these commercialisation of the intimates and pay closer attention to this body support system and you’ll realise that you cannot do away without wearing a pair of bra daily.

It comes in different styles from Demi cup, full cup, T-shirt bra, molded contour, seamless, minimiser, full-figured, strapless, training, three-part support, balconette, one-shoulder, maternity, nursing, underwire, non-underwire, racerback, sports, front-closure, full coverage, convertible, plunge, push-up, longline, halter neck and many more. It’s the first thing you put on your body on a daily basis though hidden under the clothes, it’s more than a necessity, it plays an important role in our body and on our minds. It’s part of our flesh and blood, literally part and parcel of our daily lifestyle, so why not assess the situation, pay closer attention to this buddy and try do things differently with your bras?

nrm_1411412519-dsc_1305-copy4 (1) Here are new year resolutions we hope will help you.

Check that you buy the right size bra for your cup size – When you notice your back spills over the bra strap, your bra straps is slipping, you experience your boobs spills over the cup or you have a collapsed cups, then it’s time to go for a bra fitting. Collapsed cups means the bra is too big for your cup size. Queen Elizabeth II’s longtime bra maker and bra fitter says that most women – 85 per cent – aren’t wearing the right size. “It’s because they’ve gone to a shop that doesn’t know how to fit them properly,” June Kenton told a London newspaper. Huffington Post UK quoted ‘Stylist Tabitha Somerset-Webb showcased the best bras on the market and pointed out that one in two British women are wearing the wrong size and should get re-measured every six months’.

When you start to see slackness in the grip of your bra, then it’s time to change your bra. Ideally you should change your underwear every six months like you change your hair style every six weeks. When you wear new underwear it boosts your self-confidence and allows you to embrace your femininity.

Invest in comfortable, good quality and stylish bra. If in doubt about comfort and style, consult with professionals in store.

Keep your bras clean and airy – There’s a big debate about how long should you wear your bras for before you wash them. We would recommend wearing them once or twice a week before washing them provided you are not the sweaty type. For those who do not have more than two bras to wear in the week, we would recommend airing out the bras once you get home and alternating each bra twice a week for hygienic purpose.

Hand wash your bra – It’s best you hand wash your bra to keep it in shape and avoid other colours running on it. No matter what, always remember to wash with a gentle soap in cool water. Regular detergents have harsh additives that will strip away at the delicate fibers in your bras and lessen your bra’s lifespan after time. Temperature is also a key reason in this process: warm water will weaken your favourite bra’s elastic, meaning less support in the long run. If you can’t hand wash, always use a lingerie bag. Lingerie bag will keep the straps from twisting and the cups from warping, causing an early demise.

Protect and store up your bras properly – Stack up your or hang your padded bras such that the cups fits into the other cups. You can fold up lace and soft cut bras with straps tucked inside.

Do you have any bra style resolutions? We’d love to hear from you.


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