13 New Year Style Resolution to Try

Coming a bit late it seems but it’s never too late to write a New Year resolution. It’s only been two weeks into the New Year and so we’re writing the vision down and making it plain for all to see; it helps clarifies things for us and this way we get you to hold us accountable than keeping it in the head struggling to make it happen alone.
We thought there are things worth revisiting and changing in the New Year seeing its new beginning. There are huge benefits derived from doing things in different ways, some of which we have already started to benefit from. We thought it’s best to share it with you lovely people.
Do let us know how you get along with any of the 35 resolutions as the years rolls on.

Beauty Tips


  • Try new hair style. Make it a new year, new you, new style statement. Try something new for your hair. Break the routine and explore new ideas for your hair style. Never allow anybody to pigeon-hole you into a particular hair style. You’ve got a beautiful facial feature so try new hair styles. Check out hair for your face shape HERE.
  • Try new shampoo and wash your hair at least once a week. Try and wash your hair before bed time, it boosts your self-love and can help your journey into the snooze land quickly and easily.
  • Try new cosmetics brands.
  • Stop wearing your make up to bed. Invest in a make-up remover cream, It works wonders. Plus you get to keep your pillow cases clean this way.

Wardrobe Update

  • Spring / Summer 2013 Trend: Sunset ColoursInvest in colours. Try and get your colours done with Myss who will help you get the right colour for your skin tone. Check out Pantone colour palette of the season for your wardrobe.
  • Keep your closet simple – work with simple easy to eyes colour palette.
  • Try winning layering – Layering similar Colours from the same colour wheel will instantly boost your mood and make you see your wardrobe in a new light
    Invest in one of the clothes you can wear in multiple ways or try to wear one outfit in multiple ways. For an example you can wear a maxi dress on its own, wear a jumper over it or wear it with a jacket, or wear a t-shirt or a turtle neck underneath.
  • Invest in new stylish comfy pyjamas. You might have worn the same sets of pyjamas or alternating it with different night-dress over the past years, it’s about time to ditch the old comfort and embrace the new you.


  • CheapCelebsTry changing your regular look for high fashion. You will be pleasantly surprised with your sense of creativity when you try mixing prints and patterns cleverly. You will also up the chance for new attractions, adventures and new creative ideas.
  • Invest in statement necklaces. Pile on your necklaces to make a statement and or buy new statement necklaces like these African tribal neck pieces that will instantly update your look and draws attention to your neckline. Make it a subject to talk about.


  • 615x200-ehow-images-a01-up-jf-fix-panty-hose-run-800x800Get rid of lathered tights. It’s not cool going about with that ‘I don’t care attitude’ with your look. It does nothing for your image and your personality.
  • Get rid of too tight and out of proportion clothes hanging in your wardrobe. It’s time to wear what is suited for your shape and size. There is no need hanging on to these clothes hoping you’ll fit into them when you lose the weight. When you lose weight, buy new clothes to fit your size, don’t hoard what does not fit you now.
  • Get rid of old discoloured underwear. When you find that your bum is hanging out of your pants, boxer shorts, tongs etc. It’s time to change your underwear. If you start to see slackness in the grip of your bra, then it’s time to change your bra. Ideally you should change your underwear every six months like you change your hair style every six weeks. When you wear new underwear it boosts your self-confidence and allows you to embrace your femininity.
  • Get rid of too many clothes that blindfolds your eyes from seeing your true style. Narrow you wardrobe down, start with the basics first.

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