Jourdan Dunn Style For Your Silhouette – First Female Black Model on Vogue cover in 12 Years

jdunn_mag_v_6dec12_nick_dorey_b_646x430 #JourdanDunn became the first female #blackmodel to grace the cover of #Vogue fashion magazine in 12 years. Her silhouette is a typical model body shape and what we call the inverted triangle body type. It means her bottom half is narrower than her top half and she has broader shoulders. If you find your body shape is similar to hers, you might benefit on my article on ‘What suits Your Body Shape‘ and her arrays of catwalk style below. For more on body shapes, read HERE.

body shape The 22 years old mother of one, whose chameleon-like style has seen her secure fashion campaigns for brands as diverse as Burberry and H&M; she has worked with top super model Naomi Campbell on a photoshoot, Beyonce chose her among other models to star in her video, presented a cookery show for Jay-Z’s Youtube channel, Life & Times, Her gleaming skin has earned her lucrative beauty contracts with YSL and Maybelline and she has appeared in campaigns for Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent, and on the Chanel, Christian Dior and Victoria’s Secret catwalks.

She was spotted outside of Primark in Hammersmith London in 2006 and she was later signed to Storm Model Management shortly after. She is an encouragement to many teenage mothers who wants to do well in life. You can say that she has battled her demons, risen above life’s many challenges as a young mum and is still standing for the long haul. We love her style and her beautiful black skin. We almost feel like this year will be another 12 Years a slave kind of break through. Last year, it was the black actress Lupita Nyong’o who graced the cover of major fashion magazines worldwide, not only because she acted in an amazing movie but that she is a beautiful person inside and out, she has the most beautiful gorgeous black skin and she is not afraid to wear her kinky hair in a low cut.

Here are some of our favourite from her Runway style well suited for her body shape
Burberry Design for the inverted triangle body shape
BP FOR YOUR Burberry for her silhouette Burberry Prorsum for her body shape

Oscar De la Renta
Oscar De la Renta For her body shapeCarolina Herrera
Carolina Hererra


Diane Von Furstenberg Read the designer story HERE
Diane Von Furstenberg for

Are you an inverted triangle body shape? We’d love to hear from you, send us your style for a chance to feature on the blog. Send us your questions and suggestions. Many Thanks.


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