Back To Work Winter Wardrobe Essentials

#Beautyandbrain goes together. We no longer live in the world where you can hide behind your clothes and pretend that your appearance doesn’t matter, and you can not say you’ve got the beauty without engaging with your brains, doing any of these will lead you to no where. The truth is when you change something about your look, people notice and when people take notice of you, they want to know more about you, then good things begin to happen. This is not new to you, in fact you may have been thinking about your image and you may have stepped out already. You may have decided to take matters into your own hands and decided to walk into that office empowered with victory on your mind. As much as you have searched inward on what to change, your skills and abilities; another area to look into making that great change is to look outward and improve on your appearance. You may be the brain behind great ideas in your office but if your image says otherwise, it might be difficult to make that impact and that change. Appearance matters in everything.

For those of us who are still trying to adjust into the New Year and preparing ahead for when we go back to work on Monday the 5th January, this little time off is the best time to look into your wardrobe and do away with what will not empower your image this year. It may seem a little bit difficult to buy some more especially that you have spent money on Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner for family and friends, the New Year may not be the best of time to update your wardrobe with the seasonal colour and the best time to update your look, but thank God January sale has already started. So why not try and indulge in a few wardrobe essentials for your wardrobe this season and here’s hoping that you have looked into your wardrobe a little closer this year and you will do right by your image.

I thought to inspire you a little with the colour of the year, Marsals, burgundy, maroon whatever you dim it fit to call the colour. If by any chance you need help in that area, do not hesitate to contact me for your January wardrobe detox.

Marsals Back To Work Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Label Lab sleeve dress
$55 –

Monki dress
$28 –

Alberta Ferretti top

Burberry sweater
$365 –

Carven short sleeve t shirt
$145 –

Maroon sweater

Armani Jeans red turtleneck
$360 –

Jil Sander red tube skirt
$160 –

Lipsy purple pencil skirt
$27 –

Madam Rage midi bodycon skirt
$34 –

Gianvito Rossi maroon shoes
$335 –

Duccio Venturi loafer shoes
$300 –

Atelier Mercadal genuine leather boots
$220 –

Pointy toe pumps
$14 –

Red clutch
$31 –

Dial watch

Saachi wrap shawl

Gucci maroon lipstick


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