Style Inspiration: How to Interpret Fashion Magazine for Your Wardrobe

Kate Moss Vs Myss

Who does not love fashion magazines? Most women and some men do. In fact Vogue is the official must have fashion magazine for all of us. You are not yet fashionable if you do not have vogue magazine for most of your fashion inspiration. We all love fashion magazines just as we love gossip in the office, with friends or at dinner time. Sometimes we carry our fashion magazine around as we carry our Bible for religious purposes or precious bracelets for fond memories, sometimes we tuck into it in order to unwind and many times we use it as our inspiration.

Often, we wish we have the wardrobe of the models and of the celebrities but we do not have to go further because all thanks to the fashion magazines, we can bring their wardrobes home to us. This is one of the reasons why I have written this post and believe it or not this style was inspired by one of Kate Moss’ vintage editorials. It’s nothing like what she’s known for but I still love the classic look.

For something different and to interpret style from your wardrobe, Have a look at my improvisation of Kate Moss Vintage style editorial shot by mario testino for vogue UK August 2011.
Before you get a glimpse of what I am saying, here are the rules.

First Rule:
Look for similarities in your wardrobe: Kate Moss had a peplum skirt on, My peplum skirt does not look the same as Kate Moss skirt but it’s still a peplum skirt and the same colour as the model. She also has a high neck blouse on and I have looked for a similar high neck blouse in my wardrobe to resemble the model’s own.

Second Rule:
Make the style your own. Add a little bit of yourself in the style. The aim is not to copy the model outright but to refine your style with what already exists: Here I added a belt and a necklace to my outfit. I wanted to be different and believe me, every woman wants to be different.

Third Rule: Do not be afraid to break rules: Rules are meant to be broken. If you feel it’s right and you know for certain it will not get you in trouble with the authorities, then by all means go with your guts. Many people break rules all the time. Here I broke one of fashion’s many rules, that is; do not wear silver and gold together. Well I had to add a bit of twist to the look otherwise I will be copying the legendary model Kate Moss outright.


Kate Moss Vintage style editorial shot by Mario Testino for vogue UK August 2011


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