Express Yourself with Kate Moss

Who doesn’t like to look good and feel good? Nobody does. We live in the age where everybody wants to be happy and one of the best way to feel happy is to dress yourself happy. We journeyed back to Kate Moss land of vintage with Mario Testino and we found ourselves smiling all the way. That is, if you can see what we see here. Do you agree with the images and how the outfits interpretes her personality here? Let’s hear your review.

Express Yourself Edgy: Stripes are different and edgy. It always attracts admirers. So If you want to stand out in the crowd, go for stripes head to toe, you are bound to attract good eyes to you.


Express Yourself Feminine: Every woman wants to feel feminine. One of the best way to express your femininity is by wearing silk with bell arms. Just kidding. Silk material cleverly designed will give you that confidence of femininity.

Kate Moss by Mario Testino for Vogue UK11

Kate Moss by Mario Testino for Vogue UK11

Express Yourself Classy, it exudes power and confidence:There is absolutely nothing like draping your jackets over your shoulders no matter how much that jacket costs, eyes are automatically drawn to something strange.


Kate Moss Istanbul Vogue Dec13 black straw hat Michael Kors white suit photo by Mario Testino

Express Yourself Elegant: Kate Moss knows how to do elegance and the best way to express ladylike elegance through smart, simple yet stylish ensemble with a touch of ladylike hat.


Kate Moss Istanbul Vogue Dec13 Egyptian Bazaar New Mosque Dior Jason Wu photo by Mario Testino

Express Yourself Powerful: Black is powerful. Deck yourself in a smart yet stylish black suits with a touch of cinched waist belt and see how you feel for the day. Add a little bit of drama as Kate Moss portrayed here by adding a net veil and a top hat for that special occasion.


Kate Moss Mario Testino Vogue Spain 01

Express Yourself Different: Inspiration comes from every wear if we choose to explore. Explore creativity next time you have an occasion like a wedding. This skirt is indeed a curious work by Victoria Grant.


Kate Moss Bridal editorial for Vogue UK August 2011. She wore Victoria Grant.

Express Yourself Neutral: Do you want to stay on top? I love this Tyra Banks statement on her show. This outfit screams stay on top with neutrals. You don’t have to blend in with the rest of them, find your inner oomph to add to the party.


Express Yourself Trendy: We all know the floral season is in Spring time and its the best time to express yourself in the loveliest spring summer florals.There are moments when you can get away with floral pattern in other seasons too but do it with a little bit of minimalism.


Express Yourself with Simplicity: Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. If in doubt of what to wear in any day, start with a unique black skirt or bottom. You will be amazed at your creativity for the day.



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