Myss of the week: Taylor Swift Style Guide for the Brits…

Do not be misled, she’s not British but she’s got a British classic look with timeless beauty, she’s super talented, seems down to earth (not that we’ve met her in person but that’s the message we get from her style); with killer legs and brainy eyes, She’s the queen of the high street and the red carpets, we will not be surprised to see her as part of history in years to come classified as a real iconic beauty. She has shown us through style what Britain is about… Is she right?

Britain is glamorous, half of the year is spent celebrating, it’s about Red Carpets and Glamour Glitz





The British love their afternoon tea with friends and family – Check out these Tea Dresses and Meet up outfits






The British love to explore other culture. The Bohemian culture is fast sweeping through Britain – Check out Taylor Swift in Boho chic ensemble.




Brit women take great pride in their beauty and personality – Red is sexy and confident – Check out Taylor Swift confidence in these flirty Dresses



British summer is the best time to show off your assets – Check out Taylor Swift casually showing off her legs in chic play-suit styles and summer shorts.


Summer Shorts


TS_Shorts_original (1)


Music plays a large part in the British lifestyle – British summer Concert at Hyde Park is one of the best int he year – Check out Taylor Swift Concert Style – Only if we have similar leg shape..

TS_Shorts_original (2)

British weather may be like the Indian weather, one minute its the snow, the next minute its rainy or sunny, it has a mind of its own. so are these skater dresses, they are neither short nor long, just can’t decide where to belong.





It was reported that every time the Americans hit the British soil, they visit the shops. The British counterparts love the fashion and Taylor Swift definitely is in love with skinny jeans so much so she got them in different colors, and don’t forget the vintage bags too. Classy!




Vintage is never out of fashion, in fact it’s classified as stylish when you wear them. Polka-dot is one of them and it makes you stand out in the crowd. Britain definitely stands out in the crowd

Vintage_Trends_originalTaylor Swift has taught us new things with her style, what is your passion teaching others today?
Would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts on this article?


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