8 Fashion Rules To Break Now

They say style is constant but trends and fashion are forever evolving and changing. Though fashion rules were set by who knows who, it’s obvious time is changing and people are following their heart in bringing a change to fashion. Here are 8 fashion rules been broken on the high street. The question is are you bold enough to debunk those fashion myths you’ve been following for years? We’re definitely non conformist and already break some of these rules, we can’t wait to try others, what about you??

hbz-fashion-myths-match-shoes-bag-lgMyth 1: Your bag should match your shoes

hbz-fashion-myths-mixing-prints-lgMyth 2: No mixing prints

hbz-fashion-myths-navy-black-lgMyth 3: Navy and black don’t go together

hbz-fashion-myths-sequins-lgMyth 4: Sequins and metallic are for night only

hbz-fashion-myths-short-people-lgMyth 5: You have to be model tall to wear long dresses and pants

hbz-fashion-myths-socks-and-sandals-lgMyth 6: No stockings or socks with open toed shoes

hbz-fashion-myths-white-lgMyth 7: No white after labour day

hbz-fashion-myths-xgold-silver-lgMyth 8: No mixing gold and silver


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