5 Ways to Wear Animal Print in Your Wardrobe


Animal prints can be the ultimate accessory for the chic woman who is looking for something a bit outspoken for her wardrobe. Here are some ways to incorporate tortoise shell and animal prints into your wardrobe in a tasteful way.
1. Pair Tortoise and Animal Prints With Chiffon Fabric

Translucent fabrics such as chiffon are rich and often sold in a variety of rich prints. Pairing the tortoise or leopard with a little splash of color would be the ideal way of wearing animal prints for a night or day time look. A little hint of animal print can go a long way. Wear white trousers with translucent blouses, and pair it with a animal print scarf. White goes a long way to freshen up animal prints.

2. Pair Animal Prints with Tweed

The contrast between animal prints and the legal stereotypical serious nature surrounding tweed can bring about some healthy balance. Tweed has always been fashionable in the English and Scottish fashion, and has become tremendously popular in the last several winter months. It has become a winter staple in every modern woman’s closet. Tweed can be very heavy, so opt for a jacket, a beautiful knee length skirt, or trousers. Grays and browns may be traditional, but don’t discount lavenders or greens which can be feminine.

3. Wear Animal Print Shoes

One very easy way of incorporating animal print into your wardrobe is simply by accessorizing with your heels. Wearing a conservative white, beige or yellow suit would be a perfect pair for animal print heels. If heels aren’t your thing, check out the ultra comfortable slip shoes from Dr Scholls.

4. Pair Tortoise Shell Accessories and Animal Prints With Fur

Combining tortoise shell accessories or animal prints with fur is one fashion statement you cannot go wrong with; as the two go hand in hand. Faux fur collars on winter wool military jackets have been a popular trend and really have never gone out of style. Faux fur colors with tightly fitted leather jackets are another perfect way to accessorize with wild accessories.


5. Pair Animal Prints with Color

A high collar leopard print top could be paired with a yellow or white pair of jeans, or a light colored pinstriped pant. Pair a rich animal prints such as a handbag, with a light colored velvet knee length skirt or blazer for a winter rich look. Jeans, tops, and heels can be easy ways to add pops of color. If you have a pant suit in a leopard print, accent it with some bold pumps in purple, or yellow. The touch of color will tone down the print.

Collectibles: Horned Glasses

The beauty of the tortoise shell makes it the perfect choice for glasses because of the intricate detail in the pattern. The natural amber colors of the shell work perfectly with brass and gold colors, so you will often see the designer brands featuring the metal ornaments on their frames.

Designers such as Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Prada and many more designers have featured tortoise shell glasses in their collections. Tortoise shell looks particularly striking with blonde and dark hair.

Both functional and fashionable, horn-rimmed glasses have proven to be an iconic accessory that trendsetters flock to time and time again. Thick frames in dark colors definitely get noticed.

Horn-rimmed glasses first appeared in Europe during the nineteenth century, and quickly spread as a popular style of eyewear in other parts of the world soon after. Named for the fact that the frames were made of either horn or tortoise shell, horn-rimmed glasses were quite pricey because of the materials that were used to make them. It wasn’t long before manufacturer’s starting making the frames out of plastic, keeping costs down for consumers and boosting their sales.

By the 1930′s, horn-rimmed glasses had taken a backseat to a new trend–metal-rimmed glasses. However, a decade or so later the two very different styles were combined.

Horn-rimmed glasses, often referred to as “nerdy” glasses, have a strong foot-hold in the twenty-first century’s fashion scene–and there’s no sign that they will be going out of style anytime soon. Popular television shows like Heroes, Mad Men, and Ugly Betty feature the horn-rimmed spectacles, making the geek-chic image a new trend that has captured followers all over the world.

Credits: hersite


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