Iconic Designer: Charles James Beyond Fashion

Charles James is One-of-a-kind designer, famously known for his clover gowns created for special clients in his 40 year career, having first debuted in 1953. The signature look is the way that the skirt drapes into a shape resembling a four-leaf clover. As a fashion student, the legend was that these gowns were so impeccably constructed, they stood up on their own.

While the creativity or style sense of Charles James was undisputed. He saw himself as a problem solver and teacher. The scrapbooks and studio part of the exhibit indicated he analyzed more effective ways to fit the human body, attempting to re-invent the modern dress form.

Charles James is America’s most famous couturier, best known for his ultra feminine, sculptural ball gowns, which were made out of the most luxurious materials.

James’ key design elements include asymmetrical necklines, strapless dresses, bodies of different colours from skirts and deep décolletages. He was passionate about construction, innovative seaming, circle-cut gowns. Many of his looks are iconic and never duplicated. Some of his biomorphic designs were well ahead of their time, influencing other designers like Christian Dior, Zac Posen and Alexander McQueen.














Charles James Exhibit3-Optimized



PetalDress (9)


Charles James is currently the subject of Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition. “Charles James – Beyond Fashion” is on display from May 8 until August 10, 2014 and is sure to carry visitors into a dream world of glamour and maximalist fashion.
Credits: fashion.telegraph, nullidee.wordpress and msfabulous.com


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