Do’s and Don’ts for Colour Blocking

Spring/Summer is here and that only means one thing, Bright days and vibrant colours for your wardrobes. In the past months, shops have stocked up on bright colours and while some of us have started shopping for the summer season, it’s imperative that we buy the right colours and understand how to maximise the colours in our wardrobes.There is a fine line where we try to over compensate in the colour department, we may go over board and end up putting too many similar colours together in one outfit and just end up ruining it.

When Colour Blocking,
Think about how the over all turnout of the outfit,
Think on how all the different colours are going to have a perfect contrast
Be careful when colour blocking includes patterns


Colour blocking for men is no exceptional, you we might look good in a bright purple pendulum top but you think about the subtle colours that you can mix together like an army green military style jacket and a pair of dark jeans are great as long as you don’t wear a dark shirt.
Wear something that will stand out but not in an overly obvious way just a white Tee with a print on will do. [Tips adapted from the peoples wardrobe]



Photo Credit: ladedamag


Photo Credit: ladedamag


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