Necklines For Your Face and Body Shapes

The Angular Face The angular face needs curves to balance out the angles. These can come in a variety of neckline styles, such as the Scoop Neck, Sabrina, Sweetheart and Cowl Neck styles. The triangle, inverted triangle and diamond shape face all fall under the Angular Face category, as do those individuals with a Square Face.

Round face recommended necklines – to visually add angles.

The boat-neck is a good neckline for most body shapes but especially for the pear shape since it widens the shoulders and balances the bottom half. It is not a good choice for inverted triangles because it will make broad shoulders look even broader. If the boat neck starts on or just below the collarbone it’s probably not the best choice for women with a short or wide neck, or a big bust. Amazingly detailed style advice website! Great article!

Necklines for body types


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