Fashion Icon: Lupita Nyog’o – 10 Colors That Look Great on Brown Skin

Bold and Blue
To keep all eyes on you, choose a bright blue dress for your next outing whether it’s cobalt or royal.
Glimmering Gold
We all know gold is glamorous and regal, but Lupita proves it can also be sexy. Throw on leopard accessories and a red lip and you’re good to go.
Chic Gray
Typically seen as boring, gray is anything but when jazzed up with silver and cobalt blue accessories.
Enviable in Green
Green can work for every event on your agenda this Spring. Wear emerald green with flecks of yellow for the office, and bright jade green for a night on the town.
Seductive Orange
Black skin is naturally radiant but orange picks up our golden undertones and complements a sun-kissed tan.
Pretty in Pastels
One of the biggest Spring trends, soft pastel colors look just as beautiful against brown skin as brights do.
Fiery Red
Red is the universal color for fire, passion and sex appeal. Go for the bold in head-to-toe red or add some sex appeal with leopard accessories.
Jewel Toned Turquoise
The color that resembles tropical beaches is perfect for Springtime. Turquoise is a great addition to your wardrobe, whether we’re talking jewelry, gowns, blouses, dresses or even eyeshadow.
Olivia Pope-white
Thanks to the sharp contrast, white flatters brown skin like no other. It’s the perfect summer color for everything from gowns to crop tops.
Canary Yellow
Don’t be afraid to shine bright in yellow gowns and tops that give your skin a natural glow.


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