Trend: African Print Styles

We are fascinated about the recent rave on African Prints in fashion. I grew up wearing my Ankara prints in different styles well tailored by my most amiable tailor. I remember going through the Western magazines sent to me by relatives from abroad, and choosing styles that caught my eyes. Many years later I have lived in the developed western culture and seeing the transformation in the Western culture through fashion just proves what the elders in Africa says, what is never enough will soon come around and be plentiful. This statement is true now as we reap the glory behind the African fabric/print currently sweeping through the world.
In modern times, the bright colors, intriguing patterns and intricate designs of the African fabrics continue to be the muse for designers everywhere. As more contemporary and modern styles are being cut out of the African fabric, the African fabric is becoming more practical and functional for everyday applications as it transitions into the fun, modern and sassy category. Everybody must now embrace the African print and have at least one in their wardrobe, this is a real breakthrough for the African continent and the fashion world.

african print 1

African print dress_php9O5RLG_4fb265b4812dd




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