Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe Style Guide For The Curvy Girl

When you search her name on the Google search, you have over 25,600,000 result, that’s because Marilyn Monroe was famous for her exquisite facial features and her curvaceous figure. She was an American, singer, actress and model who represented beauty, talent, glamour, femininity, determination, sexuality, scandal and could anyone have delivered the “Diamonds Are A Girls’ Best Friend” message better than Ms Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic ‘subway dress’ sold at auction for £2.8 million. Her super star status still rakes in money! The pink gown she wore in Gentlemen Prefer blondes sold at auction for £213,000. The white halter-neck dress, which she wore in The Seven Year Itch, previously belonged to actress Debbie Reynolds. The red sequinned gown Monroe wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes also went under the hammer, with the dress selling for approximately £800,000.

Marilyn-Monroe’s-Subway-grate-dress (1)

Her Style – Clothes
Marilyn barely ever wore bright colours in her real life, almost always opting for the shades listed above. Her famous pink dress, worn in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, was probably not something Marilyn would have chosen to wear in real life, even though she did look a treat.
Pencil skirts are an essential, Marilyn was hardly ever without one, she had them in lots of different colours and almost always with a sweater to match.
Marilyn always added a feminine touch to her clothes, by using accessories like bows, or polka dot prints (like in the above picture with Jane Russell).
A white fur wrap is another essential, as it’s something you can wear it with any dress and add an instant touch of glamour, like Marilyn did. Although hers might’ve been real, try to make sure its faux fur you go for.
Other styles that’ll give you the MM look are strapless or sweetheart neckline dresses.
Suits- Faces with well balanced features
Works Best If- Your hair has a loose curl, or waves


Hair Style
Color- Golden Blonde
Start with a layered shoulder length style, with shorter layers around the face and longer ones at the back.
Comb some gel mousse through damp hair, section and blow-dry your hair to make it smooth and straight. (If you have straight hair you don’t need to do this.)
When it’s dry section and mist the ends with spray gel and set with large and medium hot rollers. Remove the rollers then brush the hair forward and spray under the layers, with a Finishing Styling Spray.
Flip your hair back and work a little styling cream through, for extra bounce.


Here is a guide for Marilyn’s trademark red-lipped looks; using the items or ones close to those she actually used herself.
First get Marilyn’s glowing skin by applying some foundation, then covering it with a little luminous face powder. Marilyn used products by Anita of Denmark and Erno Laszlo.
Marilyn used 5 coats of Guerlain Rouge Diabolique, to give her that famous lip color, but that’s sadly no longer available although Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick, in Insolence de Rouge, number 522 is a really close match.
To get the sultry look of her eyes work Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trio, over the lid and up to the brow line, the Vivaldi Trio should have all the colors you need to create this look. Then add two coats of Max Factor’s 2000 Calorie Mascara, for Marilyn’s flirty lash look.
Marilyn’s look can’t be complete without red nails, to match the lips, try using Essie Nail Polish, in Garnet or Fifth Avenue, two vintage look red shades perfect for Marilyn’s glamorous look.


Marilyn-Monroe-Photo-Gallery_002-495x621 In real life Marilyn didn’t wear too many jewels herself, but many of her characters – like Lorelei on the right – certainly did.
The Hollywood Collection has made some beautiful and faithful reproductions of her jewels.
There are so many but the “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is a real stunner – and just like Marilyn’s.
Marilyn’s character Lorelei had to do some sweet talking to get hers but you don’t have to do that. The sparkling rock costs $55.00.
Another gorgeous item is the diamond teardrop necklace she wore in a photo for “How to Marry a Millionaire”.
It’s beautiful but not so glamorous that it couldn’t be worn during the day, and is also an affordable $55.

Diet And Body
To get Marilyn’s shape you’ll have to be born with those curves, or go through a lot of surgery – as Marilyn’s shape was all down to the genetics.
But, although you might not be able to copy her shape, you can work out and stay fit in the same way she did-
Marilyn went for regular jogs in the morning before breakfast, to keep in shape-20 years before the jogging craze started.
And Marilyn also lifted weights regularly to keep her upper arms toned, she kept a dumbbell at home to do this.
Before making her appearance singing Happy Birthday to JFK, Marilyn took an ice bath so her body would look good and firm in her skin tight dress. She was said to take ice baths quite often.

One of Marilyn’s most beautiful dresses was the pink-red dress she wore in the movie, Niagara. Unlike her white halter dress this look doesn’t scream Marilyn but still captures her gorgeous bombshell style.
Polka-dot print dresses inspired by Marilyn’s Niagara number, complete with gathered bust, cap sleeves and the not too revealing triangle cut-out are on-line at the website and cost $89.99.
And Dixiefried also have a fab copy of the Niagara dress, in a more vivid pink color (furtherest on right).

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