How To Transform Your Classic White Shirt To A Dinner Wear

Classic black and white outfit is never out of style or fashion, It’s the way you wear it that makes a lot of difference. Get inspired by these celebrities revamping the black and white styling.
Who knew a strapless dress looked even better with a t-shirt? Kate Moss was on to something when she styled her embellished, strapless LBD with a t-shirt layered underneath. The dress went from sexy to cool-girl — glamorous (thanks to her ample jewels), but with a fresher, downtown feel. Now all we can think about is how we can transform our own cocktail dresses into seriously cool outfits with the help of our favorite tees. Not only do they offer a little more coverage, making them daytime (and dare we say, office) appropriate, they also have a lot more dimension than your average party dresses.

Taylor Swift and Emma Stone are not left out of the style revamp either. Check them out in these outfits.




Alexa Chung tuned up the style by going retro.




"Schiaparelli And Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala


Olivia Palermo and another beauty in a stunning classic and easy combo. Throw on a crisp white button up shirt, layered statement necklace, strapless cocktail dress, a pair of black pumps or strappy sandals and you’re set! For a more casual take try a classic white tee instead.

oliviapalermo (1)


Julia Robert and Whoopi Goldberg turned up their nose to the classic red carpet dresses and opted for a more subtle less attention seeking ensembles but they got our attention big time. Less is more, right?


116745 (1)





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