Androgynous: Janelle Monae Is Unique


The one style icon we never thought we couldn’t get bored and tired of watching is Janel Monae. Her look is transcendent, something of time traveller, something not outdated, something simply dramatic. She is a classic beauty and an amazing singer/songwriter(My niece is a huge fan). This lady brings androgyny to another level. Her retro style and unique style leave her in a style category of her own. Janelle Monae at (5’0″) expresses her personality in retro, glamorous and impeccable style. She is not only a shinning star in the music industry and as a business woman, she is one of the women can pull off androgynous style like no other. Monáe’s style is socially conscious sometimes: she tells that she wears black as white as a uniform to honor those who work service jobs in the community. “I want to write music for people just like me when I was growing up and going through school. I want to make that music that makes them feel empowered throughout the week. Motivated, inspired, alive — even on Monday,” she says.



“I started wearing this uniform, to be perfectly honest, because I have an amazing body.” I feel my expression shift into the facial equivalent of “WTF.” Over the years, she has given many reasons for her sartorial choices–most often, she says the look is to pay homage to her parents, who wore uniforms while working as a janitor and a garbage truck driver, respectively. “I’m serious–I’m not playing,” she maintains. “When I look at myself in the mirror, I’m attractive. I really have a nice body. And I had to pick: DO I want them to focus on my body? Do I want them to focus on how curvy and really, really gorgeous my figure is? Or do I want them to look at my music? What has more value? And I made that decision. I want them to focus on the message, and the music because I feel like I have a higher calling.”



Amazing, right? Beyond the intricate, political message of her wardrobe, her music has very feminist themes (just watch the video for Q.U.E.E.N.), she does a lot of grassroots activism, and is obviously super intelligent and well-spoken. Her message on self-esteem for women is clear as she says in the same interview, I want to present a different perspective of what it means to be a strong woman, and I just hope to be an inspiration to the next generation of girls, to help them define what makes them unique and what makes them special.

Here are some of our favourites of her best look.





Still in search of style? We would recommend Be Unique like Janel Monae


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