Traditional Nigerian occupations by photographer Muyiwa Osifuye.

Researching the fashion trend in Africa, I stumbled on this article by yagazie emezi tumblr account. I thought it fascinating that someone will document the Nigerian traditional occupation in this age and make it so relevant to the fashion world. I thought to bring some knowledge and share thhis piece with you. I hope it will fascinate you as much as it has fascinated me. Enjoy!

Cloth Weaving: Nigeria is famous for the numerous types of fabric which were traditionally woven by hand, but today modern technology has taken over. Fabrics include the famous “Aso oke”, traditionally worn by royalty but nowadays for special occasions, “Adire” or tie and dye and “Ankara” among the Yoruba and “George” among the Igbo.

Pottery: Among the Yoruba, potters were traditionally women, but in the north they were men. Traditional pots were made for ritual purposes, water vessels and cooking.


Palm Wine Tapping: Wine tapping is another occupation from the past which still continues today. The female or red Abe (Oil palm tree) is used for palm kernels from which you get palm oil used in cooking, manufacture of margarine and soap. The sap of the male or white Abe is used to make Palm wine, which is a popular traditional beer all over West Africa.

Wood Carving: Wood carvers traditionally built shrines which are used to worship traditional gods and lots of their work centered around masks and figures in this regard. However, they also make lots of figure ornaments and carvings of people and animals.

Bronze and Metal Casting: Ife and Benin are famous all over the world for their bronze and metal carvings. Traditionally a lot of these elaborate masks and carvings were made to decorate the royal palaces, or for use in ceremonial occasions and traditional shrines. Sadly a lot of these national heirlooms are now housed in museums or private collections around the world.

Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


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