Let’s Talk About Hair – Choose The Right Wig For Your Face Shape

When a friend introduced me to wearing wigs, she saved me from a regular hassle of styling my natural hair style on a daily basis, she saved me loads of time and gave me the perfect choice to protect my natural hair. I was reluctant at first but soon found joy in wearing the perfect wig for my face shape.

I remember the first time I wore a different wig style to work and most people, seeing me from the back, thought I was a newbie until they saw me face to face. I loved the conversations that ensued from my new wig/hairstyle and seeing the different reactions on people’s faces created such a buzz for me for the week. Everybody wanted to talk about hair and most of them were unaware I was actually wearing a wig unless I told them.

This incident made me think of doing this post on wearing the right wig for your face shape. You see, wearing the right wig style for your face shape helps you in a number of ways.

  • It helps you break the communication barriers at work.
  • It helps you form and build new relationships.
  • It gives you a different personality and gives your colleagues new perception of you, as someone who is willing to step outside of their boundaries and try new things.
  • It accentuates your best attribute while taking attention away from unbalanced areas you would rather protect.
  • It complement your head shape perfectly and makes your hairstyle look more natural.
  • It flatters your head shape and gives you a different look, mostly for the best.

For Oval faceshape – As the name implies, the OVAL Shape Face is longer than wide, with a jaw that’s narrower than the cheekbones. Because the oval shaped face has no dominant areas and is so proportional, this face looks good with just about any hairstyle, length or texture.

Choose SHOULDER-LENGTH WAVES – makes an oval face look slightly more rounded, rather than further lengthening it.

“Bangs on an oval face are a great choice, because they change the face shape by shortening its length.

The layers help frame the oval face and control the volume.

Each side has fullness and the top is a little bit lifted, which balances [an oval face shape]. A bone-straight style would accentuate her longer face frame.

Jagged ends make hair look thicker around the jawline, filling in the space where your face looks its thinnest.

The length, especially near the temples, balances her face shape from the chin to the forehead.

This works because it’s not flat to the head. Sometimes a poker-straight look goes flat on top, which has an elongating effect.

Longer faces can be dragged down by hair, so a side-swept style with some asymmetry makes her look softer and less linear.

Like a gorgeous window dressing, Mila Kunis’s cut creates a flattering frame for her face. “I like how the pieces fall on the left side, slightly in front of her cheek and brow—it changes the focus of the face.

For more face shapes, check out my post on Faceshapes
Looking to buy the best wig for your face shape? The wig company stock an array of wig best suited for your face shape.

The right wig for other face shapes coming soon!


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