New York Through The Lenses of An Artist

It’s a bit strange doing this post considering I live in London and this is a post about and from New York but I’ve always been fascinated about New York and I hope to travel there one day. This is a taster of New York through the eyes of an artist. I hope you see what I saw in this post.

“I’ve been thinking about the art of looking. The importance of focusing and what we see,” explains Beck. “This past March I bought a pair of Giorgio Armani frames in Geneva, classic per usual, and I decided to put them in front of the frame. To see what I see. To show you a day in New York through my lens…” says







One thought on “New York Through The Lenses of An Artist

  1. Dear Mr. Colleague,
    three cheers to that.
    Wonderful and simple.
    “Oh, it move inside the glasses too!”
    You, see a deep understanding here (Berlin).
    If you need money, “Apollo” and “Fielman” capitallze the eyeglass trade here.
    Send me my share…,
    further so
    “someone, which means it well with you

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