Myss of the Week: Queen Latifah

I am championing curvy ladies and women this week for their styles and I have chosen queen Latifah as My Silhouette Style of the week not because she’s a celebrity nor because she’s queen Latifah but because she is smart, fun, intelligent, does not put people dow, and when the media tries to put her down on her weight, she stood up tall with her head lifted high. She is not one to hide the fact that she is big, bold and beautiful. She is a real woman who exudes confidence, elegance, hard-work and a real woman.
Have you seen all her movies or heard her songs? She plays vital inspirational and motivational women in her roles. Her roles usually speaks for other women, she is the voice of women crying out on the screen. She is Queen Latifah and I love her style.
Here are some of my favourite of her carefully selected and chosen style. If at any time you are looking for inspirations on what to wear as a curvy woman, I recommend Queen Latifah’s bold yet elegant looks, but not without considering your personality first before you dabble into the style. If in any doubt, contact us for styling tips for your special day.

Red Carpet Styles





35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Arrivals



Casual and Everyday look

Shaw Media 2013 Upfront Press Conference






queen-latifah (2)



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