Would You Go To This Extreme For Beauty?

Scars can be a thing of beauty. In fact, in many cultures (including ours), people intentionally scar their bodies. Known as scarification, this practice is common among aboriginal populations in Africa and New Zealand, who cut or brand their skin in decorative designs. For men, the scars intensify their appearance, which comes in handy in battle, and they are also used as a means of attracting women. While the ancient practice of beautification through lip plates is vanishing in Africa, it is becoming a growing trend in the West. But would you go to this extreme for your tatoo or scarification?

02 surma-ps-37

Eight is a design by Lucie Vincini, right is a Mursi tribesman from the Omo River Valley in Ethiopia.


07 suri-dt-09

08 suri-dt-16

14 surma-ps-05

African scarification



facial scarification



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