Katherine Hepburn – Androgyny Style

Madonna and Ciara have recently been spotted in androgyny style and dare I say, they look stunning in the trend. Androgynous style is all about comfort and what works best for your body shape. Both celebrities amongst others such as Rihanna and Rita Ora have rocked the trend well.



Androgyny suggests a spirit of reconciliation between the sexes; it suggests, further, a full range of experience… it suggests a spectrum upon which human beings choose their places without regard to propriety or custom.” – Carolyn Heilbrun Toward a Recognition of Androgyny (1973) and the revolution really started from the 1930’s when women wore pants suit, also known as slack suit.

The popular trend was particularly associated with a Hollywood starlet. Actress Marlene Dietrich (c. 1901–1992) who wore men’s clothes in many of her movies, but she was especially known for wearing masculine suits in her public appearances. Women’s pants suits generally had flared or bell-bottomed trousers, and the jackets were tailored in slightly softer versions of men’s styles. Pants suits were considered a little outrageous during the 1930s and 1940s, for people were still adjusting to the idea of women wearing pants.


French designer Paul Poiret is credited among the first to create women’s pants — his were harem pants in 1913, inspired by the opera Sheherazade. Coco Chanel also did much to further women’s trousers into mainstream fashion, though it was sheer practicality that was probably the swiftest harbinger of the change in female style.

First during WWI and then again — and more so — in WWII, women had to pick up the slack in the American work force. Trousers were preferred (and accepted) as work wear. Watch the 1984 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell film Swing Shift for inspiration.






In the 1960’s, two styles of the pantsuit hit the fashion designer scene. Andre Courreges created what was thought of as a space-like pantsuit. The close fitting design, with collar and sleeve variations, was made in the newest stretchable fabrics. I think this look later evolved into the women’s leisure suit. Although it is not my favorite fashion look, this did serve a purpose for the style evolution of the women’s pantsuit. Then in the 1960’s, Yves St. Laurent hit the disco fashion scene with the femme fatale look of the Le Smoking suit, a men’s classic tuxedo designed for a women’s body. No doubt, the well-known tuxedo scene in Flashdance owes some credit to Yves St. Laurent.

Many have been written on the subject of andogynous and to borrow the style tips from the glitter magpie blog, if you must try the androgynous look, here’s how to employ those feminine wiles and make modish masculine styles turn heads this autumn.

GET SHIRTY: An oversize shirt requires zero effort but achieves maximum impact, Go slouchy and pull in at the waist with a patent belt for instant femme appeal.

MANLY LEG-ACY: Go boyish and baggy in wide leg trousers. Those seeking a sharper suited-and booted look should head straight for the skinny straight-leg slacks.

BOYISH BLAZERS: Blazers are having a resurgence on the style radar and there’s a shape to suit all, from oversized mannish shapes to cute, cropped tuxedo numbers. Don’t fancy a blazer? Slip on a waistcoat over a slinky tee for a boyish take on the trend.

MASCULINE EDGE: When the girly vibe is just too strong in you, avoid going man overboard with a couple of choice accessories. For example, a masculine inspired handbag made from a more rigid leather, in earthy tones, is the perfect choice for a polished business outfit (Fendi). If you want to complete a masculine outfit, wear a bowler hat as seen at Hermès and Dior. Accessories like chunky watches, brogues, ties and braces finish the look.

I can’t wait to rock this trend my way.

Style really is about individuality and an expression of personality. Whether you donne a frilly pretty dresses in the most beautiful chiffon, or organza material, whatever image you portray with that look is your inner voice projecting through your style, make sure it suits your body shape.

[Source: Fashion Encyclopedia, patternpatter.blogspot, theglittermagpie.blogspot, collegefashion.net


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