Bored of Wearing The Same Look? Try androgyny style

Mens styling is increasingly creeping its way into the womens wardrobe and gradually becoming a style trend to try. If you haven’t tried the androgynous style, you are yet to express your dandy side of the fashion world. It all started from the likes of Beau Brummels, the David Bowies, the Coco Chanels and Marlene Dietrichs who rebelled against norm in the society and captivated everybody’s attention with their gender-bending confusion.

Then, the boyfriend jeans became the ‘must have’ in the wardrobe, the boyfriend t-shirts became a trend and now mens pinstripe suit for women. Katharine Hepburn and Patti Smith are moodboard staples for this look, Rihanna and Rita Ora have both been sporting pieces from Givenchy’s men’s collection recently. #Ciara was also recently seen in a head to toe pinstripe Mens suit that sparked a debate. Why are we having all these change in style? because style is a personality and women are increasingly becoming restless with the norm, women are no longer satisfied with been boxed to pretty frills and lace materials. The truth is mens styling has always been of interest to women and more women are reaching out to their masculine side by donning the androgynous style.

Androgynous style is about mixing masculine and feminine attributes. It’s about personality and putting your mark on a style. It’s about been creative and thinking outside the box, not conforming to the norm. It’s about been dandy. Here we have a few inspiration for you should you wish to pursue style this way. Just remember, Whatever style you pursue, consider your body shape in the process. And if you need help finding what really suits your body shape, our professional styling services is available for you.















Gucci Parigi HÔTEL ROYAL MONCEAU THE DIRECTOR ©Daniele venturelli



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