The 7 Principles of Men’s Style

You know this: There’s only so much you can do with a shirt and a pair of pants, and unlike women, you don’t have an infinite array of accessories to spice it up, and even if you did, you don’t want to go there. Trust us.

But there’s a solution. You can accomplish the same with layers.

There are three things to keep in mind to pull layers off. Color:

layers should be of different colors, but well coordinated.

Fit: the layers should be thin so they don’t make you look bulky.

And, Visibility: every layer should be visible.

Game on.


Your outfits need color.

But not just any colors, colors that work well together. Colors that take an ordinary outfit and make it extraordinary.

There’s no magic formula to accomplish this. The art of color coordination is something you have to develop on your own. Start by looking for inspiration (Pinterest is a good way to start). Find and save pictures of outfits that you think have remarkable color combinations and use them as guide when you put together an outfit.

And that confirms one more time that what they say it’s true.

You’ve got to fake it ’til you make it.


Your clothes are tailored, you know how to accessorize, details are your best friends, you layer like it’s nobody’s business, and mixing colors comes like second nature to you, but what’s next?

Well, here’s a hint: You gotta keep up with the times. (OK, that wasn’t a hint, but if you read the title, you didn’t need one.)

Here’s what you need to remember when it comes to trends: be skeptical, you want to look at your pictures 10 years from now and feel proud of the way you look. Take from trends only what suits you and barely enough to make keep your outfits fresh.

Fresh. Not ahead of your time.

We may be shooting in the dark here.

But we’re guessing you like who you are. Your killer smile, the physique you’ve developed, even that unruly patch of hair.

So chances are, when it comes to your wardrobe, you want to keep your individuality. And you should. But here’s the trick, in order to express your individuality you must first rule the other six principles of men’s style.

Yes, individuality, like anything else word having, must be earned.

Keep it up.

It’s no secret.

Sometimes you have to wear ties. And while you may or may not like that, one thing is for sure: neckties refine your look. Which brings us to our point. Refinement is one part looks and two parts culture, so in order to help you be more refined, let us introduce you to the parts of a tie. Do memorize them.

You will be quizzed.

how much shirt sleeve should be seen?
You like to show.

And that’s all right. But here’s the deal: you show too much and you look desperate. You show too little and you look uninteresting. So you need to find the sweet spot, which when limp, it falls between 1/4″ and 1/2″.

You do know we’ve been talking about shirt sleeves all along.

Didn’t you?

fair isle sweaters

We’ve looked into it. Turns out, you need plenty of them.

And while you certainly want a few, easy to pair, plain ones. You need to spice it up a bit. Behold the fair isle sweaters. Their origin: a Scottish island. Their signature attribute: bands of geometric designs.

Yes, they can be overwhelming; so, just like with any other bold print, in order to pull off this look you must pair them with solid garments in neutral colors.

You know the ones.

style icon
Fame and style.

Used to walk hand in hand.

But that seems to be no longer the case, even with so many celebrities having a stylist in their payroll, it keeps getting harder to find a star with star style, and that’s even more noticeable with men.

One of the few exceptions: Ed Westwick. We have yet to see a picture of him looking anything but dapper. He can rock an elegant and classic look as well as a casual outfit.



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