Could You Be The Next Hollywood Face?

One might believe that the media tends to swing a story to suit their headlines but we are beginning to think that the media tells the truth of what the media sees. Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell trended on the news a while ago for their similarities, most people thought the media was trying to spark a fight between the two supermodels. But it seems that Hollywood prepares itself for fresh faces by replacing already established faces with look a likes. We found some black African, some black American faces that seems replaceable in the past decades. Get yourself ready if your face is similar to any other hollywood faces, you might just get yourself lucky and land in Hollywood.

We noticed the uncanny resemblance of Lupita Nyog’o and Alek Wek


DIOR resort Monday may  14th _2007 New york

600full-alek-wek (1)






Tyra Banks was once compared to Naomi Campbell, both who are supermodels.


"The Face" Series Premiere


Adepero Oduye look like Whoopi Goldberg’s younger version


BKVEF00Z whoopi adepero Adepero+Oduye+Hamptons+International+Film+WO5Sld0thRbl


Zoe Saldana have been mistaken for Thandie Newton int he past. You can blame anybody, they do look alike don’t they?

32 600full-thandie-newton

Could_You_Be_The_Next_Hollywoo_original (1)


Are there any more of these black African/ black American actresses that you think look alike? Give us a shout.


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