10 Tips To Staying Gorgeous @ 50 – #MichelleObama’s Guide to Healthy Living @ 50

Happy 50th birthday FLOTUS. Michelle Obama said she feels more confident, more matured and looking forward to travelling the world after her retirement. You may wonder how she got herself thinking of such an adventure at the age of retirement. The truth is FLOTUS has a healthy lifestyle. Simple healthy lifestyle you can adopt to make you feel confident and gorgeous at 50. We share some of her secrets to healthy living with you. You don’t have to worry about turning 50 any-more, just follow the rules and you’ll be fine.

1. Be active
Michelle-Obama-jumps-rope-009 (1)

2. Be playful

Michelle at 50

Michelle at 50

Michelle at 50

3. Surround yourself with children



Michelle Obama Campaigns To Bring More Physical Activity Back To Schools

4. Exercise your mind
Michelle Obama Host Students For Memphis Soul Musical Workshop
June 21, 2011: Nelson Mandela shows a book to First Lady Michelle Obama at

5. Eat heathy. Possibly go organic

6. Learn new things
Michelle at 50

November 7, 2010: First Lady Michelle Obama dances at a cultural event at a

7. Surround yourself with family and friends
December 9, 2007: Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey sit together during a ra


Obamas celebrate Halloween - Washington

White House

8. Have a ‘Me’ time and relax

Pete Souza


9. Stay Gorgeous.

10. Invest in some trainers.


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