Back To Work New Year Resolution – The Devil Wears Prada Movie Guide

The holiday season is over and we are back at work. Reminiscing over the all time favourite movie – Devil Wears Prada. We couldn’t but not notice a few tips to learn from this movie for the back to work New Year resolution. This movie is a reminder for us to never ever let go of our dreams, seize the opportunities available and learn what we need to learn wherever we find ourselves, even if we are not yet at our destination.
The most inspirational character in this movie for us is of course Andrea Sachs who, in pursuit of her dream as a journalist; first got a job to work with the devil in Prada – Miranda. Of course she didn’t take her image too seriously in a fashionable environment and soon she learnt quickly to adapt to her environment in order to be taken seriously. Here we revisit the outfits that got her colleagues at work tongue waging, got her the first position with her boss and got her noticed with top class designers.
Here are a few tips we can learn from her fashionable statement and yles.

1. Do have a Total Image Makeover. From a clumsy goofy budding journalist to a confident fashionable PA – Andrea learnt that image is everything. Her transformation got her colleagues envious. Instead of a mid forty house wife office ensemble, try a slick pant suit and layer with accessories.

Devil Wears Prada

From This


To This  The-Devil-Wears-Prada-Andy-Sachs-Anne-Hathaway-6

2. Do surprise colleagues with your Makeover. She got her tongue waging colleagues envious after a total transformation. 2413861317_9568d1c138_o (1)

3. Don’t listen to haters and gossipers in the office


4. Don’t look ordinary at interviews. Stand out for that first interview or New Year, New You job interview. You can employ our personal shopping services for that appropriate interview attire.


5. Do turn heads with your new work ensembles. Getting a total new work wardrobe will boost your confident and attract the right attention to you.


Then on to amazing work outfits





6. Do accessorize that little black dress for the office.


7. Do take notes when your boss talks to you.


8. Do invest in cosy colourful coats for that moment when you have to run errands for your boss.








replica the devil wears prada chanel necklace


9. Keep emotions out of work. We all remember when Andrea got entangled with her emotions and her work during the Paris fashion week, right? Keep your emotions to yourself.



10. Do be helpful to colleagues at work. ilovethislookannehathaway

11. Do make a really good friend. the-devil-wears-prada-the-devil-wears-prada-200547_500_333


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