Work With Me! Hire Me!

Hire Me!

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. I started this blog as a way to showcase personal style ideas, to promote women’s body shape irrespective of the silhouette nature bestowed on us and to showcase different style personality irrespective of what fashion dictates to us. I feel every woman deserves to embrace their body shape and dress accordingly. I’m dedicated to supporting and empowering women. If you feel my blog would work well with your blog or company, I am happy to discuss ways we can collaborate!

Product Reviews:
I am happy to review clothing, accessories, and beauty products. All of my reviews will be unbiased and I use personal pictures and those I style in your products. Every time I wear, use or style your product, I will mention it and link to your website.

I am happy to offer my readers your product as a giveaway. I will only use my own pictures for this option. As a bonus, I will place an ad on my sidebar linking to your site for the duration of the giveaway.

Email me on to further discuss these options or for any questions, comments, and any other collaborative ideas you may have.

A little bit about Silhouette Trends Styling

Silhouette Trends Styling is all about showcasing different body shape silhouette in their personal style and current fashion trends. Every womans body is unique to their individual style, Silhouette Trend stylist help promote womans confidence in embracing their body shape and showcasing their individual style in relation to their personality.

My body shape is popularly known and called as figure 8 in Nigeria where I originate from.

Here in Europe, my body shape is called a Pear shape and classified as a Triangle shape. This means that I am fuller around my hips, bottom and thighs, my shoulders are narrower than my hips, I have a tiny waist, reasonable chest and my top half has the appearance of being smaller than my lower half.

Celebrities with my kind of body shape silhouette includes Beyonce, Michelle Obama and Alesha Keys – These celebrities I adore but they are also dressed/styled according to their personality and profession.

As pear shaped, I have been boxed into believing that there are two options for me in styling:
1) Embrace the curves and show it off in sexy outfits
2)Create illusion for problem areas . i.e. wear dark colours where I am most large to create an illusion of a slimmer bottom and to create a balance proportion.

However, I believe my bottom half is not a problem area at all rather it is a blessing and yes I have embraced this figure bestowed on me and I will dress it up with all manner of real, genuine, distinct and distinguished, unadulterated, exquisitely beautiful, worthy of admiration and inspiring approval ensembles.

This is the sort of motivation Silhouette Trends Styling is all about. Enlighten, Educate, inform and encourage women on styling current trends in their different body shape silhouette.

Please do subscribe on here and other social media networks for regular updates. Leave comments, suggestions, compliments, complaints and feedback on my website and or my other social media networks.

Before I leave, Let me leave you with the following thought:

To everything there is a season, for every time there is a reason.

Reasons to live and reason to love

Reasons to laugh and reason to learn

Reasons to keep and reason to wear

Season changes and time waits for nobody.

Hire me today for things beautiful not ugly, the best not the worst, gracious and admirable.

Stand up to be seen, Speak up to be heard, Let your style so shine!


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