My Office Style Story

You don’t have to break every rule but some rules are meant to be broken!

Offices may have been banned and condemned to the dreary black or navy suit uniform as the acceptable conventional way of dressing; I must say that the dreary time has almost ended. Office culture has evolved into dynamic ways as people are increasingly becoming more image conscious.

Fashion is very much alive and slowly trickling into the offices. People are finding better ways to project the right image and inject some colors in their wardrobes. I must say that, even men, what they seem to lack in suits are finding its ways in accessories, socks, vests, belts, jumpers, etc are fast becoming colorful.



Who says colors does not have anything to do with performance? If your employees are not at the utmost performance, maybe there is a better way to increase productivity and get the best out of them, inject some colors Because colors boosts your mood!

Here I show case some of my office Runway Styles. See how I live for fashion in the conventional office. Do you have any images of your employees in unconventional ensemble? It could be time to re-assess your image branding. Call me today for an assessment.

Call Silhouette Trend for your Office wear assessment either for your wardrobe detox, wardrobe Remix or even for the organisational Corporate Wear assessment.

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